Mid level tobacco flavor with menthol

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    It was worth it to me soon as im low reordering

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    i thought id right a review since i seen none here so by the way i can describe this is a nice omg smooth mello low tobacco/pipe?
    great cloud (using tesla stealth mini) flavor (yummie) with a semi throat menthol hit
    i wouldnt throw her out i mean it out ...i kept puffin when i received it so i will purchase
    more of this with the 5+'s if you want more of menthol i added my rest in makes it better
    by far u can make somthing out of this if added.. -who doesnt?
    (by the rest meaning 1/2 teaspoon menthol) DCE great mix of them out there omg thanks
    and i dont know if it shows what i bought but it was 30ml max is 90%vg 10pg oh im sure
    nic would be niceeeee but vapeing stopped my smoking in its tracks but thats a different story !
    hope this helped tata...

    itsmythical2us - RI
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