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The Terms and Conditions are a required form that every customer must agree to during the checkout process. This form usually consists of things like your return policy, legal statements about sales and online sales, references to your privacy policy, etc.

Similar to the Privacy Policy page, here your terms and conditions are repeated from the checkout area for easy customer access in case your terms have updated or the customer simply wants to review them.

RETURN POLICY – MADE JUST FOR YOU. Dirt Cheap eJuice is NOT a warehouse concept that people run around a warehouse picking your order. We hand make every order especially for you. CHECK and RE-CHECK YOUR ORDER! We cannot take returns because you didn't like it, level or mix was chosen wrong, or any other wacky reason. PLEASE do not order and then send it back expecting a refund. WE MAKE OUR MISTAKES RIGHT. If there is a mistake on your order caused by us we will make it right. (NOT OUR DELIVERY METHODS ie. US Postal Service ETA's) BE REASONABLE. We are just asking our customers to be reasonable. Our cheap prices depend on you. Thanks for vaping Dirt Cheap.

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