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Cheap Vape Juice! Save Money on Your E juice

Our selection of vape juice is cheap in price but high in quality and can definitely exceed what you are looking for. At this online vape store, you can have it all! Our premium cheap ejuice is offered in three different PG/VG blends. So if you want a vape juice with more flavor than throat hit, you got it. Looking for an even blend of throat hit and flavor from an affordable and tasty ejuice? You can vape it here. Oh and I forgot you have so many awesome REAL flavors to choose from! Our flavoring is only food-grade safe and our vape cheap concept is designed to help people quit smoking tobacco products. The cost of the vape juice aid should not be overly expensive. The communities of people who are looking for help, also do not need to pay a fortune for one bottle. So welcome to dirt cheap ejuice! We want to help you with taste and a cheaper cost.

What Is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is the liquid used in ecigs, vape pens, box mods, and vaporizers. This e-juice is heated by coils inside the device to produce a vapor. The vape smoke is then inhaled for that satisfying vaping experience you're after. If you're using a disposable product like an e-cig, the eliquid is included in the device and disposed of along with the electronic cigarette when you're finished. Other vaporizers are refillable. This is where our vape juices come in.

You can browse our selection of premium cheap vape juice and choose the flavor of your interest. Pick a vape juice for its clouds, or select the perfect juice for a smooth hit with every inhale. The choice is yours when it comes to vape flavors, but we can say, we strive to bring value in every bottle! That way when you taste the amazing flavors you can say wow... it’s cheap and tasty!

What's the Difference in Vape Juices?

There are many key differences that you'll find among different vape juices. The most notable one is the flavor of the eliquid. You can find premium cheap vape juices with a yummy dessert flavor, a fruitful hit of freshness, a morning cereal vape, beverage goodness, liquor flavored vape juice, if that's what you prefer, candy of all kinds, and the list goes on. Vape juice formulas also vary based on their ingredients, which we'll tackle next.

What Is in Vape Juice?

Most vape juice contains only a handful of basic ingredients. Understanding the ingredients in your vape juices will help you choose the product that's best for your preferences. Your ejuice most likely contains:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) - VG is the base for most vape juices. This thick plant-based liquid creates heavy vapor. Your vape juice can contain up to 80 percent VG.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) - PG is combined with VG to form the base for your vape juice. This odorless alcohol contributes to the product's flavor and throat hit. The percentage of VG to PG determines whether your vape juice favors flavor or clouds.
  • Flavoring - The flavor is the most proprietary component of your vape juices. This is created using a variety of safe chemicals to provide a tasty touch. You really want to make sure that the flavoring used in the formula is food-grade safe!
  • Nicotine - Most vape juices contain some percentage of nicotine. If you're vaping to quit cigarettes, you will want to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine in your juice. Also, be aware that our nicotine is 100% in the United States. There has been a lot of buzz about imported nicotine and safety concerns. Just be sure to be safe vape friends!

Selecting your preferred VG to PG ratio blend will give you the unique vape that you're after. Add in a delicious flavoring and the accurate amount of nicotine to get the perfect vape juice for your desired experience.

Is Vape Juice the Same as E-Juice?

Vape juice and e-juice are the same things. It’s possible you have heard the product referred to as e-liquid. Different vape juice brands and buyers favor different terms. These interchangeable terms are all used to describe the liquid that's used in vaporizers.

Should you Vape Cheap Ejuice?

Truthfully vape juice should be cheap. We made a choice this year that we hope benefits the whole vape community! We strived for years to find sourced and made in the U.S ingredients for the right price. Well... coming into 2019 we did just that, we struck gold and it all works out for you! The 120ml vape juice is now able to start at $7.99! This means we offer the lowest cost for a 120ml bottle of ejuice. So to be honest if you are looking for the best vape juice online, then try our flavors. We have over 300 ejuice flavors and all of them are REAL flavors that you know and love. Also to be very clear, we have placed our vape juice collection by category! Due to the fact that we have so many flavors! So you can shop ejuice for like a year with us without trying the same flavor twice. Simply delve into the category you so desire and choose your specific flavor favorite and save money all at the same time! Cheap ejuice should be cheap but also the ingredients should be the highest quality!

Cheap Vape Juice...Can it actually taste good?

This is a question that arises on many occasions. Rather we hear it through email, SMS, social media, or just in person. The matter of this question truly depends on your provider of your eliquid product. Hopefully the source in which you get your vapor liquid is from a reliable one. We here at our vape shop strive to go above and beyond to make sure the formula is only excellent. The provided ingredients that are made in a safe environment are only the best. That is what you deserve as a vaper.

Goals for the Vape Community in 2019

We set goals not only to have the best ejuice, but to also help the most people with quitting smoking. We always so "If you do not already smoke or vape then you don't need to start. We believe in keeping this out of the hands of anyone under 18 or that it is illegal for. We strive to only serve the purpose of aiding with cheap vape juice to help dismiss the use of combustible tobacco products. Also, once you quit smoking and you begin the vape journey, we also hope that you can cease when you are ready! Our providing of this quality product is our gift to help the lungs, hearts, and over-all health of our communities.

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