About Dirt Cheap eJuice

Here at Dirt Cheap eJuice we have been selling the Great eJuice for less since our humble beginnings in 2013. Whether it is one of our exotic, complicated flavors or a simple fruit or coffee flavor, we strive to serve you with only the highest quality products that will make vaping pleasurable and affordable. At Dirt Cheap eJuice we believe that Americans make the best products in the world, so our eJuice products are 100% American Made including the nicotine. At Dirt Cheap eJuice we sell GREAT eJUICE for a CHEAP PRICE!

We are so sure you will love our eJuice that we would like to give you $2.99 towards towards your first order. Use it for a 10ml bottle for only 1 PENNY or use it as a $2.98 discount off one of our larger bottles. Either way you you have found a whole new way to purchase eJuice/eLiquid

Use COUPON CODE: Try1 when you are on the check out page.*,

Now before you go off and order tons of e-Juice here are a couple of things you might be wondering about Dirt Cheap e-Juice.

  • YES, we are a 100% American Company started in America by Americans. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near the Soutern start/end of the Appalachian Trail in Ellijay, Gerorgia.

  • Only the highest quality products are used. Here at Dirt Cheap e-Juice we use the same and sometimes even better ingredients to make our eJuice/eLiquid. Other companies are vague about their mix and their ingredients especially their nicotine. There are even companies out there that are owned by or controlled by Big Tobacco. Philip Morris, and Reynolds Tobacco both have eJuice companies. With the way they have been manipulating cigarettes for over a century to keep their customers loyal and addicted, do you really trust what they may be putting in their eJuice/eLiquid? Our ingredients are: USP Vegetable Glycerin (VG), USP Propylene Glycol (PG), Food grade natural and artificial flavorings. 100% US made VG based nicotine. All products are 100% American Made. We will congratulate anyone who totally quits even though that means we lose a customer.

  • Dirt Cheap eJuice is a 100% Hand Made products. NO BOTTLING MACHINES HERE!

  • We really are a 100% American Made product, privately owned with no overseas ownership, entities or purchasing relationships



USE COUPN CODE: Try1 at checkout to receive your $2.98 discount off your first order.

HERE'S AN ORDERING HINT: When you are selecting flavors. Our lowest shipping charge will cover up to 4 10ml bottles so make sure to fill the box. If you go over 4 bottles the next shipping charge is only $1 more, and if you need to have it QUICK choose 1 of our 2-3 day priority or express shipping choices. All Priority and Express shipping choices receive EXPRESS PROCESSING. This means your orders are completed before our standard shipping orders so if your order is received before 9am Mon-Sat (not inluding holidays) it will leave our facility on the same day.

*Minimum Shipping Charge required.

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